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Monday, September 2, 2013

Introducing...Raggedy Hen Farm!

Hello, old friends! We have not intentionally been neglecting all the fine folks here at Lez Get Married, it is just that Teri and I have been up to our necks in entrepreneurship!  We have been working for several months on creating and launching our own small business and now, that dream is a reality!  Raggedy Hen Farm has evolved from our increasing commitment to urban farming and organic, quality ingredients for our every day food.  It really is about comfort foods and products--the kind of things that makes us feel heartily well-cared for--whether a nice bowl of hot soup, a warm biscuit slathered with fresh fruit jam, or a thick bar of goats milk soap. Comfort foods and celebrations from a farm in the city!

The name for our new adventure, Raggedy Hen Farm, came to us as the perfect moniker for this stage of our lives--besides our sometimes raggedy, opinionated flock of hens, the name pretty much suits our middle-aged selves as well.  We are not exactly spring chickens ourselves!

Having launched all our kids and scraped through the past several years of a painful, tough economy, I think Teri and I are very much like a lot of other folks--trying to figure out how to live well, build community, and create a more stable, creative, and soul-feeding livelihood for ourselves.  At this point, we still have our day jobs too, but Raggedy Hen Farm is where our hearts, minds, and shared passions are all being directed. Not to mention, it is a hell of a lot of fun!

We invite you to check us out--we are still telling our stories and sharing our lives--we've even added a YouTube channel where you can watch our slowly evolving library of videos. If you'd like to explore our products, we have a cute little online shop where you can purchase all sorts of tasty treats. We will still work to post and keep Lez Get Married going, but what do two gals do after tying the knot?  How about opening a little urban farm biz?!

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