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Monday, May 6, 2013

Summer Home!

After a week plus of 70-80 degree days; warm sunshine and afternoon breezes, Teri & I decided it was time to whisk out the last of cozy, Winter House and welcome in breezy Summer House.  For us, this means a combination of cleaning, furniture moving and art swaps.  Teri has been craving color and I have been craving creamy neutrals and whites.  Somewhere, there had to be a happy medium!

First of all, I confess we are both chronic furniture-movers.  Six months seems to be the maximum length of an arrangement era.  We just can't help ourselves and it becomes time for change...

The warm months open us up to new possibilities since we don't have to arrange the furniture to accommodate the baseboard heating.  We strive to move things away from the windows (I love cotton curtains waving in the breeze), clear away the warm blankets and create flow and open.  Colorful vintage tablecloths come out to play--serving as valances in the spare bedroom windows and fun runners for the coffee tables. Windows get washed, we switch out the shower curtain and we even clean and arrange outdoor tables and seating areas.  We may be the "average woman's" Martha Stewart, with our upcycled, recycled and softly worn, but that doesn't stop us from shaking out the damp and cozy and bringing in the light and airy!

So, the curtains have been washed and hung on the line to dry, the wood floors washed in vinegar and essential oils, and all the windows flung open to let the sunlight and warm air move through the house like music!

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