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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cabin Fever

It's not like we haven't been outdoors or out and about, it is just that it isn't very fun!  We are in the midst of some sort of weather phenomenon here in the Willamette Valley--I think it is called a high pressure inversion or some such thing.  Basically, there is sun and clear skies above us, but for the past week plus, it has been holding down stagnate, cold, foggy, smoggy air.  Nothing is moving, the temps are cold, and it looks downright dismal.

Ordinarily, it is rainy.  We got excited at the original weather reports which showed a nice break in the rain and promise of sunny skies.  Not happening.  We run outside for half-hour stints to try to do some early spring gardening, chat with the chickens or hammer some boards together and end up clomping back in with frozen fingers and sour dispositions.  For the past week, I've gone off to work in the morning in the thick fog and returned home in the dark in the thick fog.  Teri shares a story of a walk last week where she saw an enormous, loud flock of geese fly over while she was walking in the wetlands, only to watch them eerily disappear into the fog only seconds after she spotted them overhead.

We've got a toasty house and we know we're lucky--but there is something about an entire day where the light never changes that makes a couple gals feel as stagnate as the air here in the valley.  We have things to do: books to read, bread to bake, craft projects to complete, closets to clean, and plenty to keep us busy--but that doesn't seem to be lifting our spirits.  I think we have what is commonly known as cabin fever. Even though we don't live in a snowed-in cabin (rather a fog-socked house), we've got the fever...bad.

Supposedly, we only have a couple days left of this and things should start to stir and change by Tuesday.  Of course, this means there is rain in the forecast!  I never thought I 'd hear it, but yesterday I heard Teri tell someone she'd take the rain any day over this cold, dismal, grey fog!

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