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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Is There a Book About That?

You've likely heard me use words like bumbling and stumbling among the lines of this here blog.  It's true, I do. While I have a strangely irrational competitive streak that pops up over the most random things, I have no impulses to be an expert on topics, industries and subjects.  I tend to think of myself as the perpetual and eternal student.  Years ago, I think it was my parents who were giving me a hard time and teasing me about my tendency to want to read up on anything and everything before I attempted it. I genuinely like the process of learning, exploring and investigating more than I need to be in the know.

Lucky for me (or maybe there was some intentionality to it?), Teri is a perpetual student too. She tends to be more of a serial student--she'll start out reading about one thing and that will quickly lead her into other subjects, other articles and other books.  I tend to be more of a devourer of everything I can find on one thing and not so likely to take detours. We both really love to ponder, chat about, and problem solve our way into unlearned territories.

I think if you were to ask folks who chat with me regularly, they might accuse me of a few go to phrases:
  • I'm going to attempt to...
  • I was reading about...
  • I read an article about...
  • Someone told me about this thing...
  • What do you know about...?
  • We'll see how it goes!
  • I'm trying this new...(recipe, tool, process, etc.)
  • This year/season/month, we're going to try...
  • I'm a little scared, but...!
I know, it doesn't exactly exude confidence or a vast stash of knowledge.  I suppose it even sounds a little noncommittal.  You probably picture a woman with a book in one hand and a hammer in the other (and that, in fact, is a pretty accurate image.) With a book in one hand, I've tripped and stumbled into all sorts of things I've learned and love: brewing beer, gardening, baking, marketing, parenting, knitting, and a few things it's probably better I don't mention! It has been a method that has sort-of worked for me on some levels.

In this clip-clop modern world of swirling opinions, it seems everyone has to be an expert. There seem to be millions of best ideas on surefire ways.  That sort of approach just doesn't turn me on.  I'd rather read a few conflicting articles and books and clomp in with a bumbling heart and an open mind.  After all, what's the worst that could happen?

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