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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Girl Scout Cookies!

It's that time.  No, not Valentine's Day or Spring or President's Day or even St. Patrick's Day.  It's another sort of celebration of the green--It's Girl Scout Cookie Time (GSCT--not to be confused with PST or any other ST--as in standard time). Today, we plunked down $20 for 5 boxes of Girl Scout cookies...and we did it for a dozen different reasons and without the tiniest smidge of guilt.
Yes, the cookies are yummy, but honestly, there is no other time of the year where I would pay $4 for 14 coconut and chocolate cookies (yup, the Samoas are my favorite) and there is no other time of the year where I will eat that entire box of 14 cookies in one day.  But, it feels like my duty; it feels like the most feminist, pro-lesbian, pro-free enterprise, loyal thing to do all around. 
Teri and I have both been Cookie Moms; we both have tales of stacking, counting, and selling cookies out of the backseat of the family car.  In the years we've been together, there has not been a GS cookie-free February.  We've driven around town looking for a card table and brown beanies, we've pre-ordered and, like today, we've rushed through our grocery shopping to make sure we got back outside to let loose of our twin tens in time to walk away with a few boxes of Thin Mints and Samoas.
It feels especially revolutionary this year as the Boy Scouts are finally getting their day in court (sort of) for some pretty intense homophobic and hateful carryings on.  While they've been busy with their hate and discontent, the Girl Scouts have always been pretty darn inclusive, empowering and not the slightest bit fussy about the Ls or the Ts in GLBTIQ--at least as far as I know.
My daughters went to Girl Scout camp, sold cookies and sewed badges to their chocolate brown Brownie vests but I don't think that's the only reason I still buy cookies.  Honestly, it just seems like an awesomely good thing to do.

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