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Friday, July 8, 2011

Flowers Ordered? Check!

While we initially had a fantasy that we would be able to grow all the flowers we could possibly want or need for our ceremony and celebration in our own garden--that just is not going to be the reality.  Since we chose sunflowers for our "signature" flower and wanted a garden-y mix of other flowers, the decision was made that we were just going to have to purchase.  We have ordered the flowers and--cover your eyes and ears Martha Stewart--we ordered them from Costco.

Yes, I know we should have and could have gone local; Yes, we researched and priced; in the end (or the one-month-out) Costco won out. There have been moments where I imagined myself with baskets over my arms wandering the Farmer's Market on the morning of the wedding choosing fresh, local, in-season flowers--returning home to fluff and arrange with ease.  Reality check--how am I going to have time to do that?  And how will I know there will be enough of what turns us on?  The good thing is that Teri and I have a couple friends/family members with skills who have volunteered to help arrange and we have plenty of vases and vessels--now, if all goes well, the flowers will arrive on or about August 11th and be open, clipped and ready for the 13th!

With 80 stems of bright yellow sunflowers and hundreds of other assorted roses, gerbera daisies, stock and lilies arriving on the doorstep in florists' boxes, we should be good to go.  Of course, while I sound relaxed, I will be fussing about whether or not the flowers arrive on time and what sort of quality, whether they are open, and how well they work and last until the last possible moment!  Just because I can now check the ordering of the flowers off our list does not mean I can completely let go of the worry.

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