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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Reinvention, Evolution & Progress

Teri has a fun new t-shirt with one simple word on it: "Evolve."  We are both in a place.  Heck, who am I kidding? One of the big things we like about each other is that we are both what one of the kids calls furniture movers--people who embrace change, move their furniture around on a regular basis and forget past happenings because, well, they are in the past after all! So maybe we are always in that place of reinvention and evolution.  Life is short.

I am finding that my view of myself and my place in the world is changing as I age and that seems entirely appropriate.  Unlike some of my other middle-aged colleagues, I love working with much younger people, much older people and bringing in perspectives that shake up my world.  It is definitely time to move the furniture around! (personally, nationally and globally.)

And maybe we should paint the walls while we're at it?  Teri and I are gearing up to paint our kitchen and dining nook--going from a perfectly serviceable creamy latte color to a collection of brighter yellows. I wouldn't mind giving my wardrobe an overhaul, taking a class, embarking on a new career, and finally learning Spanish!  Life is short.

I hear the skeptics and pessimists reminding me that things don't always seem to change for the better.  I don't know about that--even though the pendulum definitely swings, I DO believe in progress and evolution and the inherent worth and good in everyone. In fact, I consider myself "progressive" in my politics, preferring that moniker to the oft-battered "liberal"--especially since the latter has been appropriated, recycled and used differently in different times and places.  To me, they are not necessarily interchangeable terms. That aside, moving forward sounds like a much better option to me than going backward.

Inherent in the reinvention and evolution process is letting go...letting go of the stuff, ideas, assumptions and identities that no longer fit or serve.  It means actually cleaning out the closet, garage and cupboards to make room for what comes next.  It means a leap of faith, a taking of risk and a willingness to bump into the furniture until one gets used to its new location.  Life is short.

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