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Friday, September 14, 2012

What is It about Paint?

There are those with a finer eye for design than either Teri or me; there are those who prefer minimal, beige and neutral; and there are those who can exist just fine in any sort of environment.  I am a little pickier and I love color, texture, warm and whimsical--even if I don't have the confidence of a sassy and talented designer.

We are painting!  As two who spend a great deal of time in our kitchen, and in anticipation of the grey, dreary months--we headed off on a search for a color that would be bright, warm and make us smile when we looked into the kitchen from the living room.  We came home with paint samples printed with make-or-break names like avocado kiss and orange you glad.  We moved them around on the walls, slid them up against the glossy white wood trim, and taped them to the walls until the choices were clear: sunnydale and warm embrace--let's paint!

Well, Teri and I have learned that projects are where we either shine or slime as a couple.  In reality, we've gotten much better at it over the years--we know each other, we've learned how to communicate and collaborate, but mostly we've learned how to let the other do what she does best and work in the way she can't help but work.  Teri has accepted that careful, detail work is NOT where I do well, and I have accepted that she will never be a skip-steps, slap-it-on or make -do sort of person.  I could probably build a book shelf with a rock and some hemp twine--it might not look symmetrical or last forever, but I could creatively tack it together.  Teri's bookshelf would be sturdy, steady and level--but it might take her two years to build.  You can probably imagine how we both compliment and aggravate each other with our painting style!

Honestly, had I been working alone, I probably would have jumped in and had the kitchen "painted" in two hours.  I probably would have avoided the scary narrow part around the kitchen window as long as I possibly could and I likely would have just added coats until I masked all my patchy coverage.  But, that is not at all how our painting adventure is going down.

First, Teri announced that we would be doing one room at a time.  What?! That seemed awfully conservative to me when we had two separate cans of paint.  Then, there was the taping--which I did start, but soon found to be tedious and particular.  After all, houses are no straighter than I am--despite their appearance to be made up of lines and angles.  Taping is where Teri shines and she carefully outlined edges, doorways and window sills.  At last, I got to use the roller--that is where I rock (and roll.)

Thing is, I hadn't realized there was still a specific way to roll AND that there had to be some brush painting all around the edges first.  I likened it to kids who outline their coloring page images in crayon first, and then color in the middle.  What?!  Can't we just roll on the paint until we run out of wall or bump up against the blue tape? That's how I've done it for years.

No.  We cannot.  And while we are at it, I forgot to mention that the walls, floors and trim are getting scrubbed and cleaned thoroughly, straight edges are being used and switch plates are being washed.  This is just how it goes.  I want color, and lots of it, fast!  Teri wants perfection. While I'm saying, "Oh well, that is where the shelf goes anyway," she is gleefully noticing where whoever painted the kitchen prior to our occupation didn't get close enough to the counter or forgot to cover a nail hole.  It is really the best of all possible worlds.

And, in the end, we both agree that there is nothing like paint--affordable, gorgeous and personable--to change up a room (or rooms.)

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