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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Four Months to Go

Well, I got the emails yesterday reminding me that we only have "four months to go!" before our ceremony and celebration.  Without really understanding the why of it, it sent me into an immediate state of panic.  Oh no!  How are we doing?  What are we forgetting?  Oh no!!!!

We're fine.  It isn't really that different from planning other events and they all tend to follow the same trajectory--this is the stage when some of the things you thought were set set start to dissolve a bit, you re-group and continue on.  For example, we've made adjustments to our music plans since we couldn't get adequate response from the people we approached to DJ and the person we thought was going to be helping out with the photos has a conflict.  No biggie, plan B.  This is why planning starts early so that it doesn't really feel like a crisis when things shift.  Even the fact that Teri's chosen Best Gal, her twin sister, has shared that she doesn't think she'll be able to make it after all hasn't thrown us into a tailspin.  We have options, we can adjust.  It is real life after all and we are seasoned, resilient women!

As I've learned from doing other events and I'm finding it to be especially true with this Wedding Planning Land, it is always amazing who really steps up and where the true allies are.  Sometimes, it is who you expected and sometimes, it is a delightful surprise!  Our friends, family and coworkers are making us feel like two of the luckiest and most blessed women on the planet.

So, for those of you who are keeping track, we do have some un-done tasks that we need to take care of in the next month or so (and some that we thought we had taken care of that have come back up on the "to do" list): we still need to find our rings, Teri still needs her dress, we haven't finalized the music selections for the ceremony, we haven't booked anything for our honeymoon yet but we do know what we want to do, we haven't even started on the particulars for the ceremony, we need to find another photographer, I don't think all of our attendants have their dresses and clothes yet although they do have plans for such, we haven't settled on the type or style of "guest book alternative" we want, and I'm sure there are a few other little details that should be getting done around this time. We're on it, we haven't fallen behind and if they would stop sending me those marketing, stress-inducing emails, I wouldn't be panicking at all about how well we are doing staying on schedule!

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  1. Miss you guys!!!! Just checked in on how the plans are coming. You two look beautiful. We are off to camp on the beach and then go to Disneyworld for Spring Break. Sending lots of love,