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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Tiger's Fan Club

The kids all call Teri "Tiger" from a nickname I gave her before we were even officially dating.  Heck, half the people in Eugene now call her Tiger and it fits her perfectly (I think it might just be one of her favorite nicknames too.)  Lately, I've noticed what she hasn't--she has quite the fan club amongst the family and friends I brought to the relationship.

A couple months ago, when I was in Roseburg for a great-uncle's funeral, my grandmother pulled me aside as we were leaving the Mason's hall to say "I am so glad you are happy.  Truly, it is good to see you so happy."  This is from the same 84-year-old grandmother who let me know from the first time she met Teri that she "really liked my friend!"  As for my kids and their friends, they have also claimed Tiger as their own.  Often, I am certain they like her better than they like me.  My son never fails to ask how she is and both Lucy and her boyfriend Jacob have offered to "switch sides" if Teri needs some extra people to stand up with her during the wedding since representatives from her family may not be able to attend.  They have been very bold in letting her know that they've "got her back!"

Ending a phone call with my mother the other night, she told me the usual "Give Teri a big hug from me."  She then added, "after all, she's one of my favorite daughter-in-laws."  You have to know that my family is as ordinary as they come--working class, West-coast, and not particularly progressive.  If they can embrace the normalcy of our relationship and fall in love with Teri as a member of the family--anyone can do it with the gay folks in their world.  And just between you and me and the wallpaper, it means the world to both of us. 

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