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Friday, February 18, 2011

The First of Many Packages

The invitations have arrived!  Actually, yesterday was a 2-package day and there are more on the way.  While Teri and I are trying to make local purchases for the wedding that support local businesses and we do want to decrease the reliance on gas and shipping, there is also the time crunch of two busy women.  The truth is, we don't have a bunch of time to go from store to store and meet with vendors and suppliers.  So, I confess, we are ordering some things and having them delivered--convenient and affordable--if not always the greenest choice.

I'm sure you can sense my ambivalence--guilt over making long-distance purchases, but excitement at coming home from work and finding boxes waiting to be opened.  I promise we will try to balance things out with the purchase of local food and go local in other areas.  Meanwhile, the invitations have arrived!  They are sweeter than we expected and no typos or mistakes that we can find (always a concern, waiting and wondering what the first big blunders will be.)  If it is any consolation, they were also packed simply without any additional packaging so that is a good thing, right?

Once we work up the courage, we can begin the addressing and assembling which will be a bit of a task.  There are stamps to put on reply card envelopes (as well as the outside ones), labels to affix, and calligraphy to be done--I have been practicing with my new calligraphy pens that Teri gave me as a birthday gift. Then, the entire "ensemble" as I've been told they are called will get tucked away in the hopefully lovely envelopes.  It will take time and fortunately we have plenty.

As the boxes arrive and other things are purchased, there is a portion of the utility room that has been designated as wedding storage.  Boxes of wine glasses, card stock, tablecloths and other items are piling up.  You would think at this age we would be a little jaded, but I confess, with 176 days left to go (according to "The Knot"), it is exciting to see the stack grow. Who would have thought it would be such an adventure to plan our celebration?

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