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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

For the Love of a Good Spreadsheet

When Teri and I were first getting to know each other, I confessed how much I LOVE spreadsheets. For a writer and word person, I cannot explain why I like me some Excel but I do--all those columns and rows, tidied and tallied!

One of the first things I created when we let ourselves slip into Wedding Planning Land was a spreadsheet. And then, since one wasn't enough, I had to create a couple more. Actually, the main one is our guest list and it took us a few months to settle on who and how many were going to go into that "mistress spread sheet" (as opposed to "master.") As we collected addresses, partner's names, and figured out not only how many people we could comfortably entertain, but considered all the implications of who is in the spreadsheet and who isn't, I came to feel very comforted by the ease and function of the computer spreadsheet file. Teri, on the other hand, is not so nearly enamoured.

For me, the great thing about a spreadsheet is that it is fluid. It makes sense of change and imperfections. We can put in names, correct misspellings, delete, add, and shift things around--without creating chaos of paper or making a big mess of our organization. With almost exactly 6 months to go before our wedding day, there are so many things that are still in flux and the spreadsheet helps me feel like we have some sort of a handle on all that unpredictability.

There are still so many decisions to be made and choices to choose and a decent little spreadsheet is my crutch for making sense of the evolving process. Plus, to be honest, it gives me the allusion of feeling sassy and in control and right now, I need a little bit of that!

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  1. For such a free spirit, you are a columnar conundrum. By the way, aren't those Teri's hands?