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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Green as in Garden AND Grand

I have had a heck of a time describing our “theme” and the overall ideas that Teri and I have for our big day. Unlike many, we didn’t really have any definite visions in the beginning—it has evolved through many conversations, investigations and trying things out and on and seeing what seemed to fit. Last year, we visited a Bed and Breakfast in Scappoose, Oregon; made trips to the coast; considered renting a turn-of-the-century historic home, and investigated different public gardens. We have had others offer up suggestions, brochures and websites. It wasn’t until just before Christmas that we started to make decisions and the celebration started to take shape.

The other day, I stumbled across a book in Barnes and Noble called The Natural Wedding and flipping through the pages, I realized this was the closest I’d seen to the plans and ideas that Teri and I have. We are interested in making sure that our day is a reflection of us and our life. Some of the photos in the book gave a visual to things she and I had only sketched out on paper, but we also have plenty of ideas that might not be in anyone’s book.

As two women focused on reducing our carbon footprint, we eat out of our garden year-round, walk, bicycle or use public transportation whenever possible, try to eat organically and make purchases with sustainability in mind, and look for used, borrowed, or recycled before considering new. It makes sense that our wedding ceremony and celebration would evolve to reflect those life choices.

Our wedding is going to take place in our garden space, decorated with flowers we’ve grown, with tables draped in vintage linens and covered with a collection of garden-y dishes. We are “catering” the party ourselves (I think we are most excited about all the cooking and baking) and looking for ways to maximize charm and personality while minimizing the consumerism. It feels right for us. We are letting ourselves be inspired by what is in season, what is local, and all the resources we already have in our lives. Alas, this does not necessarily mean cheap or inexpensive, but it definitely feels personal!

We have been having fun with the book and with other inspirational resources—contemplating all the ways we can shape the celebration to fit who we are at this stage in our lives. We really aren’t satin and steak kind of gals, but we have developed some definite ideas about comfort, good food, sustainable living and how to live well with minimal impact. We aren’t exactly carving our invitations out on cedar bark and sealing the envelopes with moss, but our day will be more “natural” than not.

I happened upon a blog by the author of The Natural Wedding--she is from UK and has some great stuff on her blog too.

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