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Sunday, February 20, 2011


I LOVE my tattoos and I am quite certain I will acquire more as my life progresses and the universe allows. That said, as I am finishing work on my dress and I tried it on the other day, I realized that two of my tattoos are going to be on display when I marry Teri. Make that three, if you count my fabulous vine of daisies and ladybugs that rings my right wrist. When I mentioned it to Teri, she mused that several of her tattoos would be artistically gleaming in the August sun too, depending on what she finally decides to wear. And THEN, we thought of our wedding party and realized that my Best Gal, Wendy, has some gorgeous and visible tattoo work, and the eldest daughter, Ashley, has tattoos…and Teri’s dad and my mother…(I hope I am not outing anyone who wants to keep his or her tattoos a secret!)

The thing is, mainstream media still portrays “brides” as pristine young representatives of the upper-middle class. Where are the tattoos and piercings?! (Teri has a sassy little nose piercing too.) The assumption, of course, is that only dreadlocked earth muffins and battered old rock-and-rollers have body art, but what about us ordinary gals who have accumulated some pretty amazing and beautiful pieces over the courses of our lives?

I discovered accidentally that a few places actually sell make-up kits to help cover tattoos for weddings and special events.  Seriously?  No thank you.  First of all, I got my first tattoo on my 30th birthday and it represents so much to me: my growing awareness of myself, finally growing up and stepping into my own life, a new beginning.  Like many people who love tattoos, they are woven into my life's journey.  I have one that I share with my friend, Wendy; I have one that reminds me of my first heterosexual marriage; the one in the photo I had done on Valentine's Day of 2010 and the juicy, plump heart-shaped ladybug represents abundant and playful love to me.  In fact, I just may get one more PRIOR to the wedding to commemorate what is a magnificent and major progression in my life.

Teri loves her tattoos too and we found out as we were getting to know each other that we share a favorite local tattoo artist: two of my pieces and several of hers have been done by the brilliant Katherine at Tattoos by Design here in Eugene.  When I do go in for my Wedding tattoo, it will be to Katherine to see what she can work up (I have recommended her to countless people--most recently to a coworker who is quite happy with his first tattoo at the age of...over 50.)  I know, of course, that every tattoo-lover has a favorite artist, style, etc. which, of course, is part of the fun of the addiction.

As Teri reminded me when we were talking about the inevitable tattoo baring, she is marrying me and all of me--not some idealized, media-inspired version of who I ought to be.  And our wedding day is about celebrating who we are and who we are evolving into (both before we met and now, together)--so bring on the tattoos and all the other unique and individual realities that make up who we are--we are ready for the world to know...


  1. Well, this WAS going to be a surprise, but I'm having one done in honour of this marvelous celebration of love, and it WILL be showing. Here's where the brides' input is going to come in handy. As Kori knows, the dragonfly is my totem animal and represents all that is joyful and mysterious about this world. The follow me all summer and I eagerly await their arrival each year, humming journeyed news. Kori's Teri also is a devout dragonfly person. I love that Teri and I have this creature in common.

    Kori loves ladybirds(bugs). They are a perfect representation of Kori. They're happy and fun-loving. I mean, who doesn't love polka dots?! Kori and I share a fabulous ladybird experience. We went on a young Mom's escape weekend at The Story Inn bed and breakfast years ago, during the month of February. The radiator heat must have awakened a cluster of the little ladies. We awoke to a ceiling of ladybirds, making their way across the room in a little caravan. We sat and watched them for quite some time, wondering what adventures they had planned for the day, for the spring and summer.

    Kori loves yellow roses, and Teri loves sunflowers, two of my favourite flowers on the planet.

    So gals, I need your input. What would you like to see as a representation of this celebration? Would love to incorporate the florals and insects, but let's brainstorm this one together. This one is all about your wonderful celebration!

  2. Teri and I were looking in our big Tattoo book yesterday morning and contemplating what we'd like to get too! I thought it was just me, but Teri confessed she had been thinking about it as well...we will keep you in the loop. I think we will make a visit to Katherine and see what sort of art she can come up with--it might be vines and a couple dragon flies or a celtic eternity knot or a combination...