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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tables & Chairs (and Other Details)

It seems to be all about the details right now in Wedding Planning Land. Now that we have the guest list almost finalized, and the general theme, time, etc. for the celebration day hammered out, we are all about taking inventory and figuring out what we need to borrow, rent, buy, or otherwise acquire.

Today we are off to our third trip to the party rental store (Parties to Go here in Eugene)--this time I think we've figured out how many tables and chairs we need to reserve and we can actually check that task off our list. Our previous trips were to measure, touch and sit in various items with notepad and pen in hand. The thing about making choices about such things is that it means there are a bunch of other things that one DIDN'T choose (and what if, in the end, those are the ones you wish you had?)

Between the two of us, we have different capacity for tending to such details at different times. Sometimes, I am completely focused on counting and recounting and researching--other times, it is Teri who has the focus and patience to pour over ring designs or walk around the garden with a tape measure.

Meanwhile, regular life goes on--there are still jobs to get to (five jobs between the two of us, actually, since we are DEFINITELY part of the "involuntary part-time workers" that the recession hath wrought), daily chores and such to take care of, and pets to feed and walk. Life goes on regardless of when and whether or not we figure out if we are going to have china or disposable dessert plates on August 13th--those are just above-and-beyond details that need attention!

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