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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Welcome to the ride...

I proposed to Teri almost a year ago--it was awkward, egalitarian and something I never really prepared myself to do well. If you ask her, she might even confess to being somewhat disappointed by the lack of romantic pizazz in my approach. It was a big deal to me and all I could think about was having a conversation, not necessarily "getting engaged." After all, we were still getting to know each other, getting used to living together in the same house, and dealing with all sorts of other real life and relationship realities. So, I awkwardly proposed and she eventually said yes. It was NOT a made-for-reality-television moment, but was in no way a reflection of our love, commitment or genuine appreciation of one another.

So, here we are in February, two years into our relationship and less than seven months away from our August 13th wedding date. Things are heating up in the wedding planning department and our relationship has moved out of the gooey, honeymoon stage into something more solid and ordinary (in an amazing way)--we have met each other's families, signed a lease together, opened a joint checking account, and adopted a dog. How much more ordinary can we get?

As Teri and I were gluing little card stock dragonflies to little card stock oval medallions for our escort cards this past weekend, she commented that what she would like to see is less 20-something hetero marriage stories and more stories that reflect our reality. Surely middle-age lesbians are getting married? Surely we can't be the only forty-something lesbian couple with five grown children between us and a moderate income who are taking the plunge and commingling lives?

This is our story...the challenges, joys, love, aggravations, and mundane details that make up a very real life and a very real path to the altar...

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