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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Trying to Think Summer Wedding during a Late Spring Snow Storm

Yesterday, I finished sewing my wedding dress; today The Knot tells me we have 170 days left until the wedding; and this morning, the world outside the windows looks like a Winter Wonderland. Snow, yes, snow covering budding tree branches and newly sprouted radish seeds; snow that is still coming down in fat, gorgeous flakes. It is hard to imagine our yard and garden full of flowers and flip-flops when it is currently blanketed in the cold, white stuff!

Now, don’t get me wrong—it really is beautiful out there and we are fortunate enough to be snuggled inside a toasty, warm house. We are additionally fortunate in that Teri was already off work today and that I was able to easily reschedule a 9 am meeting with our health insurance rep at work for tomorrow. We don’t have to drive city buses or repair downed power lines; there is plenty of coffee, bacon and chocolate in the house, and I can actually get some of my work done sitting here wearing my new fuzzy red fleece robe and Saturday Market socks. But when it comes to the Summer wedding plans, it just doesn’t seem the time to be thinking about flowers, mosquito control and a buttercream frosting that can withstand the August heat!

As the snow comes down in soft, determined flakes and Teri sleeps in with our naughty cat Bad Toby snuggled at her feet (a special snow day treat for him, too), I have given myself permission to take a break from Summer thoughts and enjoy what will likely be our last snow day of the Winter.  They are actually rare here in the mild climate of the Willamette Valley floor.  I think instead of guest lists and craft projects (which, I ordinarily would strive to do on a day off from work), it will all about the cocoa, books, crock-pot stew, and spending an unexpected day at home with my Girl...

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