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Friday, March 11, 2011

Cake Revisited

In addition to all the other tasks and details in Wedding Planning Land, we have been experimenting, evaluating, tasting and practicing with cakes (sounds fun doesn't it?)  One of my earliest blog posts was around my fussing and wondering about what we wanted to do about the wedding cake and while I am no longer really fussing about it, we have been on a quest to turn our "ideas" about the cake part of the reception into more tangible reality.

We have finally settled upon two main cake recipes!  Good thing, too, because Teri was getting a little "tired" of our cake and coffee ritual (okay, I don't think she could ever get sick of the coffee part, but we have had to throw in a pie or a tray of cookies here and there to keep us from getting nauseous at the sight of a freshly-decorated cake.)  I finally hit upon a delicious combination of a moist, dense, chocolate cake with mint buttercream after trying multiple chocolate cake recipes AND we have a favorite moist and brilliant vanilla cake recipe that we will likely pair with an orange or lemon buttercream.  Sounds pretty tasty, doesn't it?  Sure, we could keep going with recipe after recipe, but at some point, two gals just have to make a choice and move on!

There will still be pies and cupcakes too and we probably have plenty of cake stands, plates and other sassy display options since that has been part of the overall "cake quest" as well.  I confess that while it feels good to have settled on some choices here at the five-month mark, I might actually miss the exploration and research stage--it's has been a fun little diversionary adventure scouring cookbooks and other resources for the leading contenders and then mixing up new recipes for our own tastings.  Hmmm...what can I fuss about now?

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