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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Five Months...and Counting

I was informed by “The Knot” that we have five months to go which means five months left until our ceremony and celebration.  In one moment, that sounds like forever and then in another, I feel a sense of panic that we are running out of Planning Time!  It is funny that it has been over a year since Teri said “yes” and now the days are ticking by with an obvious click as we move through this process. I imagine one of those old movie visuals of the calendar pages tearing off and falling to the floor faster and faster.

The Knot also tells us that while we have 79 tasks left to do, we do not have any overdue tasks on our checklist.  I suppose this means that when it comes to typical Wedding Planning Land, we are on schedule.  Maybe I can check one of those tasks off right now: How are you doing with your dress acquisition attendants?  We are supposed to double-check that you are getting your dresses and accessories…So?

There IS something amiss with this online checklist, however—it is TOTALLY geared toward heterosexual couples, even though The Knot does have same sex weddings and information on their site.  For example, now that I am done with my dress, I can check that off the list, but Teri hasn’t even started her dress quest yet!  While I want the satisfaction of putting a little check in the checkbox and I confess that I am the one who actually enjoys these lists and charts, what about the OTHER BRIDE?

Plus, I do think these “To Do” lists leave out some very important things that need to be tended to along the way to planning a wedding:

  • Second-guess choices and wrestle with self-doubt.
  • Become hyper-sensitive about grey hair, wrinkles and other imperfections—feel horrible for a day or two, vow to go on a shape-up plan, change mind and decide to bake a pie and watch movies full of girls kissing.
  • Change minds about who to include on the guest list due to guilt and obligation.
  • Threaten to include things like “must empty compost” and “fold clean laundry instead of leaving it in the basket” in the wedding vows.
  • Have bi-monthly panic about money and expenses.
  • Grumble about having to re-address invitations because people break-up, separate or re-partner—envelopes and stamps don’t grow on trees you know!  Well…maybe…
  • Wonder aloud if it’s too late to elope?
Just in case you wondered, we are right on schedule with all of those tasks as well!

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