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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Cake Toppers

Now that we have settled on some flavors and recipes for cakes and cupcakes, and experimented with various frostings and icings--our thoughts have turned to cake toppers. So many styles!  So many options! Choices, choices choices!

Those who know Teri and I can attest that we are not really traditionalists and yet, we aren't really into sleek and modern either.  We tend to go for a style that is comfortable, simple, a little cluttered in a clean and cozy way, and we are both drawn to whimsical and fun.  So the toppers for our cakes have just GOT to reflect all that!  The fact that we have decided to do several cakes, pies and a passel of cupcakes gives us the opportunity to have several cake toppers--but we are determined there will be some connection and cohesiveness.

We found a very fun photo of a bunch of cupcakes frosted and tinted various colors of orange and yellow and arranged like a giant sunflower.  Since we are using sunflowers and daisies as accent flowers (along with various summer garden flowers and plants), we both thought this would be absolutely perfect for our cupcake display.  This means that we aren't really going to have toppers on the cupcakes--but rely on the colors and display to make them stand out on the dessert table.

Since we are going to have several cakes, however, all arranged on stands and tinted with various compatible frosting colors, we decided that they could each be decorated a little differently, but in keeping with our summer-vintage-garden theme.  We thought about flowers, no toppers, vintage toppers and looked over all sorts of other possibilities before stumbling on combining original toppers in a fun way with fondant flowers and simple garden-y accents like butterflies.  And for toppers, we settled

We were inspired by our mermaids--one Teri scored from an Easter egg last Easter during the annual celebration at my mom's house and the other, our daughter Lucy found for us so that we would have two--a redhead and a blonde for our mermaid couple collection.  We thought they would look grand on the top of a cake.  This stimulated my creative scouring juices and I started thinking about what else might make fun lesbian toy wedding cake toppers.  I perused the samplings at Etsy and was tempted by some almost disturbingingly awkward vintage cake toppers of gals in dresses with gold hair (and wondered aloud why all the vintage plastic grooms look curiously like gay men) until I went back to a more modern toy theme.  Without spoiling the surprise for everyone, just know that we have found some other delightful toy combinations and I am convinced our cakes are going to be fantastic!  Most importantly, they are going to be a snazzy representation of us.

And, of course, they won't taste too badly either!

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