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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Morning Crafts & the Paper in Bed

Ah, how well I remember those early, gooey days of love when we would spend days sequestered away at Teri's or my house--peeking out just to tend to business or wrangle a cup of coffee before hiding away from the world again.  Times change and eventually two gals have to come up for air and get back into the swing of every day living.  But that doesn't have to mean we totally give up the leisure of a slow-paced Sunday morning (it just might not be quite as saucy as a couple years ago!)

We only get the local paper delivered on Sunday mornings.  We used to take it every day but an entire week would go by without my even looking between the pages and while Teri has been better at reading it, we made a joint decision to take it just on Sundays--and now we SO look forward to coffee and paper in bed! 

With our work and life schedules being crazy hectic lately, we have had about as much time to work on Wedding Planning tasks as read the newspaper, and some of those ambitious DIY projects have been piling up. With Teri's recent triptych of graveyard nights, I decided to start working on some of those projects AND sort and organize the boxes and piles of decorations, supplies, and other necessities that have been stacked out in the utility room off the kitchen.  One of the daunting tasks we've been putting off was the construction of these "award ribbons"--made completely out of ribbon and cotton, we plan to use these to identify the food and desserts on the buffet service tables during the reception.  A sort of "State Fair meets Cake Walk."  Lucy was going to come and help with them, but she has also been crazy busy with finals and important 21-year-old scientist stuff. 

So, this morning, with rumpled hair and hot coffee, Teri and I worked on award ribbons AND read the Sunday paper--stitching away with our needles and thread and catching up on much of the conversation we've been missing with our criss-crossing schedules. It was productive and entirely pleasant--not to mention we now have a shoebox of ribbons tucked away in that newly-organized stack of stuff in the utility room!

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