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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Not-so-Secret Crushes

I am not saying that Teri and I have given each other "free passes" when it comes to our not-so-secret crushes, but I have told the love of my life that if Paula Deen ever left Savannah, Georgia for the West Coast and considered switching teams, I would be the first woman on her doorstep with a pound of organic butter and a copper bowl full of freshly whipped cream.  As for the love of my life?  I know that I would be tossed over in a heartbeat for Tilde Swinton if she were to come sauntering down the street.

In reality, Teri and I are neither fickle, nor, speaking for myself here, tempted by anyone else.  For me, one of the marvelous joys of having met Teri after turning 40 is that I feel confident in my choice and decision that she's the one and I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything by "settling down."  If Paula Deen were standing in the kitchen frying up chicken and making poundcake, however, I could forget how happily committed I actually am.  Our crushes give us a way to playfully acknowledge the things and "celebrity" types we like and admire, but in no way serve as threat to the real love of everyday.

By now, I know Teri's "type" when it comes to instantaneous crushes.  I know when someone walks by or flashes across the movie screen whether or not she will think them appealing or attractive (I think she knows the same of me, although my crush-for-fun tastes tend to be a bit eclectic.)  Part of the fun is that they all tend to be completely different-looking than either she or I and both of us can appreciate an attractive woman or a lovely man.  I am not the slightest bit confused about the difference between real life and true love and the fantasy of a momentary crush.

Although, I have told Teri that if I were to come home and find her in the kitchen frosting a chocolate cake and serving up a platter of ham and mashed potatoes, there is no telling what I might be capable of...

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