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Monday, June 6, 2011

Ladybug Get-Away

How amazingly lucky were we to be able to get away to the Oregon coast on the first warm weekend of the summer?  All of it came together somewhat spontaneously.  Teri and I decided to escape for a couple days, then we realized we could both make time on Friday to go down to the courthouse and then, as we'd talked about a couple months ago, we were able to have a little private getaway to commemorate our new status.  Woot!

Everything seemed to be cooperating to make the weekend both easy and memorable.    Not to mention, everywhere we looked, there were fat, flying ladybugs.  I've considered ladybugs my totem for decades and, legend has it, they symbolize luck and abundance.  How fabulous is that?!
As Teri and I stood on a warm beach, we commented that what we really wanted to do was cling to the light, fortunate feeling we were experiencing--bottle it up for when we know we are going to need it.  As Teri commented while we were weaving and sliding along the Oregon Coast highway--in another month or two, things are going to get stressful and crazy and, chances are, there will be some crabby words going down.  We both wanted to be able to access our memories of this weekend and how connected and peaceful we felt.

So, we took in the views and soaked up some sun.  I managed to get my first sunburn of the season.  We wandered shops and explored tide pools. All the while trying to let the fact that we were now actually legally partnered settle in.  Typically, we reminisced and talked about first dates, early struggles, and older versions of ourselves--at the same time wondering what the next forty years might bring?
The universe was offering up many gifts and we were in just the right frame of mind to be both receptive and appreciative. This process is not without it's bumps and detours and Teri and I can be snarky and snappy with the best of them--but it is these little rewards and reminders that give life its delicate and delicious flavors!

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