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Monday, June 13, 2011

Two Months to Go!

Time is ticking; we've reached the 60 day mark here in Wedding Planning Land.  In all honestly (and I can share this with you because you've been following along during the process), we are pretty much ready to have it over with.  Now, I don't mean this in a we-don't-want-to-do-it-anymore way, but more of a we're-just-ready-for-the-planning-and-anticipation-part-to-be-over sort of way.

This past weekend, Teri and I attended the ceremony and celebration for a couple friends of ours and we were a bit envious of the glorious and gleeful relief on both their faces after the vows had been said and the rings exchanged.  Whew! Now they were on to the next life adventure as a committed team.  While in many ways, Teri and I already feel completely committed and undeniably a team, the ceremony is the cement that seals the deal.

So, we have two months to go and we actually do have some specific tasks to tackle in this next one: we have to figure out about parking and transportation for our guests, we will be finalizing our vows and the ceremony script and we also need to get our programs made and assembled.  Meanwhile, the garden is taking on that blousy, overgrown summer look so there are some daunting tasks in that department to try to get things a little bit back in line (all the while keeping it healthy and somewhat green.)

Eventually we are going to have to start harassing all the people who haven't sent in their reply cards--but we have another month or so on that one.  Meanwhile, the little colored sticky tabs with guests' names on them are gradually going up on the seating chart board and we are realizing that there may be some things we had hoped to do that just aren't going to get done (case in point, we decided this weekend that we are going to have to let the special home-brewed wheat beer plan go--if we haven't gotten it brewed by now, there just isn't time.) With only two months to go, reality is setting in and we are in need of an energy boost but it is all still coming together!

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