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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Time to Get Down to Business

With 52 days to go, and Summer well under way, things are getting a bit more, uh, focused.  As RSVPs trickle in--both yays and nays--and we are getting organized around the final do-before tasks, our thoughts are on who, what, where and how.  And how!

Yesterday, I found out that some key items we'd ordered (flatware, plates, serving stuff) had been back-ordered indefinitely.  Here I'd thought that ordering them over a month ago would provide plenty of time for arrival but, alas, no such luck.  It wasn't a major stressor since I was able to cancel the order, get a refund and then find a more reliable source where the items are promised "in stock", but this was just the sort of "last minute" adjustments we had to be prepared for.  Of course, I won't breathe completely easy until they are on the doorstep!

A call to our rental company, Parties to Go, put my mind further at ease as we were able to rent additional china plates for the day of at what might definitely be considered "last minute" in the Summer wedding planning business.  I've used them before and if you live in the Eugene, Oregon area, I couldn't recommend this company more highly.  They are flexible, friendly and incredibly affordable (considering.)  The person who took my call offered to put a dozen or so extra aside for me "just in case"--whether  meant or not, it was a reassuring thing to hear.

Early this morning, I succeeded in putting the last of the printed programs together--all that paper, ink and raffia are tucked away in a tidy labeled box now and that is one more big project that we have under our belts.  Whew.  As the days tick off on the calendar, there is less and less room for error, procrastination and indecision. 

We don't yet have a final count, and I am trying not to get impatient about that.  Possibly a third of the folks have replied and there is still plenty of time.  Our bulletin board seating chart is gradually filling up with colorful little sticky papers (we are using those narrow half-inch by maybe 1 1/2 inch ones that serve as book and paper markers to write the names on and situate around the paper tables.)

Meanwhile, there is no way I am missing out on some of my favorite Summer activities and pleasures--after all, this is my favorite month!  Baseball games, camping, visits, wandering the Saturday Market, standing barefoot in the garden harvesting peas, sitting out on the deck in the warm evening sipping wine, concerts and plays in the park, barbecues...this Wedding is definitely a big deal but it is not the only Summer game in town!

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