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Monday, June 20, 2011

We Now Have...the Ongoing List

I confessed to my workmates last week during a staff meeting that I have moved into the perpetual list stage for the time being.  I am not traditionally a person who works off regular "to do" lists.  I use a calendar but don't ordinarily need a check list.  Things feel a bit out-of-control right now so I've started making lists.  Actually, WE'VE started keeping lists and checking things off as we move along.

For the past week or so, there has been a list on the kitchen counter that is getting replaced daily as both Teri and I write down tasks and items we think of and then check them off as we move through.  In addition to the Wedding (which, I think, is surprising me a little by what a big deal it is), there are typical Summer things like visiting family and friends, parties, events, work activities, etc.  There is also the fact that Teri and I are starting to get geared up to move after the Wedding (okay, truth is, we haven't done much on that one except start to talk about it.)  Sometimes life comes in big waves and that is when two gals need themselves some lists!

What is nice about the list is that there really isn't any room on there for other people's drama--amazing how being busy and focused can make a person feel like she has permission to ignore the things that just don't warrant attention!  Since I've given up getting uptight about those things and people I have no control over, my mantra is "whatever" or "I just don't have the time or energy for this."  Sweet.  Teri, too, is all about trying to keep things in perspective and having the written lists keeps either one of us from feeling compelled to say: "I told you!"  Either we wrote it down or we didn't.  Either one of us or the other or both of us does it or finds someone to help.  Easy peasy.

I had a brief fantasy about hiring a personal assistant for the last month or so but I think between the two of us, things should be just fine...

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