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Monday, May 23, 2011

By the Numbers

Just for fun--and to celebrate the achievement of putting the invitations in the mail this morning, I thought I would do a little re-cap and taking stock using numbers to express the Wedding Planning process so far:

Number of days left until August 13th: 82
Number of blog posts written (including today): 98
Number of wine glasses Teri and I currently own: 80
Number of wine corks we've saved up to use as place card holders: 110
Amount of money spent on invitations and address labels: $105
Number of cloth napkins Teri and I currently have: 76
Number of months since we got engaged: 13
Number of months since we met: 29
Amount of money spent on ribbons and candles so far: $63
Number of visits to our official wedding web site: 43
Number of program covers we stamped and punched: 97
Amount of money spent on stamps so far: $62
Number of cake stands we own: 3
Number of platters and trays we have: 11
Number of chairs reserved from the Party Supply store: 70
Cost of Domestic Partnership registration in Lane County: $60 plus $7.75 for an official certificate
Number of punch bowls we own: 1
Number of white and ivory tablecloths Teri and I now have: 22
Number of vintage cotton tablecloths: 7
Number of gallons of home brew beer we plan to make for the celebration: 5
Number of rings purchased from local jewelry artists: 4 (two engagement and two wedding)
Amount spent on Save-the-Date postcards: $28
Amount spent on books and magazines: $56
Our combined age at the time of the ceremony (Kori and Teri): 90 years, 11 months
Number of weekends left before the ceremony/celebration: 11
Number of 8 foot banquet tables rented: 9
Number of large round tables rented: 1
Number of dining/patio tables we currently have: 3
Number of Best Gals: 2
Number of Bridesmaids: 4
Number of Bridesmen: 2
Amount spent on antique playing cards for table numbers: $5

Being able to marry the woman we love and celebrate with our family and friends?  priceless.

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