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Saturday, May 28, 2011

RSVPs Please!

When Teri and I got home from a very long day (and a delicious dinner at a funky Japanese-inspired restaurant), I opened the mailbox to find an ordinary stack of mail infused with a few RSVP reply envelopes. Yay!  I underestimated how delightfully fun it would be to receive these via the good old-fashioned snail mail.

As I told Teri last night, I've had some good ideas, some dumb ideas, and others that were pretty average, but I am big-headed tickled at the idea I had (and Teri approved) to have people write us personal notes on the back of the reply cards.  We actually had the following statement printed on the bottom of the reply cards: Please share your "words of wisdom" for a long and happy union on the back of this card before sending it back to us!  Our thought was that, instead of having the traditional guest book at the wedding, we would collect all these cards and either put them in a book or make a framed poster of them.  We wanted to encourage even the "sorry can't comes" to send us something personal.

Now, people have plenty of time to respond and I am absolutely certain that there will be those who still won't, but we wanted to get them out before summer starts for all of those who are planning and scheduling their busy calendars.  According to the old day etiquette, three weeks out was the amount of time that one was supposed to send out Wedding invites. By today's standards, the recommended timing is between two and three months.  I don't know if people really are any busier in 2011 than they were in 1955, but we sure like to think we are.

Meanwhile, reading our loved ones' sweet, funny, deep and irreverent words of wisdom adds a whole new layer of warmth and excitement to the process.  And for those of you, like me, who have forgotten how fun it is to get real mail, I'm telling you, it rocks!

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