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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Land of Lists! (or Go Team Wedding!)

It's list time--time to compile the final team that is going to help us pull off our fabulous event.  As far as I am concerned, this where it starts to get fun and the more organized and inclusive things are, the funner it is for me.  For Teri, she also wants to make sure that those who want to be involved and have offered to help get to participate wherever possible.  Of course, we won't need to take advantage of all of the offers (we have to keep the team and tasks manageable, after all), but now we are breaking down the dream into details and pieces and assigning them to members of the trusted team.

We've got a plan!

Actually, what we have is some spreadsheets and tables and time schedules--but that, my dear friends, is the making of a great plan.  Now we just have to match up people and names to all those dozens and dozens of tasks on the Mistress Plan (as opposed to Master Plan).  It helps when people actually say out loud what they want to help with.  Our daughter Lucy made it loud and clear that whatever else happens, she wants to be carrying a clipboard around on the day before and the day of (like Julie on The Love Boat, I think) checking off tasks as they are completed.  Cool, one less thing that we have to worry about. Otherwise, we have to guess and hope that we've matched the helper person with the best-fitted tasks.

The truth is, some friends and family have been more involved and interested in our pending celebration all along--there are varying degrees of participation and excitement and that is not only fine, it is also to be expected. I've learned that it is far better to go with the strengths, compile the "A" team of those who are eager and can be trusted to follow through than to try to force people to be involved just because it seems they should.  And, in all honesty, there are people I feel more comfortable asking for help than others.  Neither Teri or I are afraid to say that we need help, but we do want to know that when we hand it off, it won't come back to bite us as an unfinished task in the end.

It would be fair to say that there are actually three overlapping teams that make up Team Wedding and I imagine that is typical of any couple's merging:  there is Team Teri and Team Kori and then Team Us.  While both Teri and I need a little individual support, we ultimately need everyone to come together and, after all, isn't that what weddings are all about?

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