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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Taking a Moment to Just Feel Good

Teri and I were riding our bikes home last night—she came to meet me at the end of the work day and after I did one last work task (giving public testimony at a government meeting) we had dinner together in downtown Eugene.  It was a gorgeous Spring night—warm enough to ride without coats, sunny enough to need sunglasses and not too breezy.  While I seemed to think I had plenty to be stressed and crabby about—the combination of her lovely company, a delicious bowl of pasta and a relaxing pint of beer seemed to be just what was needed to remind us both that life is pretty darn good.

Despite a crowded bike path and almost getting hit by a car that pulled through a crosswalk on a red light where we were legally crossing, I felt a surge of appreciation and gratitude as we came pedaling down Park toward our cozy little bungalow.
There is great deal to do on a daily basis--much to worry about and fuss over and tend to.  I make mistakes, bumble along, and then find myself rejuvenated and re-inspired.  I genuinely love my life right now and I felt that I just had to declare it as we were riding: Our kids are grown and finding their own way, and yet we both have the satisfaction of knowing that we've done that--been moms, raised kids, and strived to build a family; we both have jobs we basically like and that we are reasonably decent at; we get to exercise every day and are healthy enough to move and play (maybe not sliding into third base or playing an entire soccer game any more) and we live in a town where it is so easy and pleasant to ride or walk as a means of transportation; we have each other and we have the time and resources to do things like meet for a mid-week dinner out or slip away for a long weekend.

Things are not perfect--there is still so far to go to create a world of peace, freedom and fairness.  Things are not always perfect between Teri and I either, but taking a moment just to feel good and grateful seems to be one amazing way to remind ourselves why we stay in the game!

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