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Friday, May 13, 2011

Summer Please?

I know that we are in good company, but Teri and I are ready for summer.  Seriously.  Ready.  For Summer.  We didn't really get much of a summer last year and we are still feeling the deprivation.  As our weather seems to alternate between an hour or two of psuedo-sun and several hours of drizzle, rain or bluster, we are dreaming of easy, warm days and drinking our morning coffee in the summer sun on the deck.

Today we took a trip to Ikea with my sister and as we wandered the show rooms and fondled shelves and fabric and exciting wooden furniture, our thoughts weren't on cozy Winter nights but on summery candles, bright colors and patio furniture.  We couldn't resist adding this bright red umbrella to our outdoor table and chairs and it didn't even matter if it was threatening rain when we got home--we couldn't wait to set it up and imagine breezy nights under a clear sky!

It was warm today. It felt wonderful.  It might be able to tide us over for the next several days of threatening rain.  I imagine the Ikea trip might tide us over for a while as well, although in truth it may have given us more ideas for future projects than for present ones.  Please Summer, we're ready--we have things to accomplish this year!

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