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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Excitement is Building, Decisions are Being Made

We are just about at the 100 day mark and I think that Teri and I are finally starting to feel a little excited about our pending commitment and celebration. It is decision-making time and while some things are falling into place, there are other things where we are just choosing plan B (or C) and moving on.  We are happy to hear that Teri's identical twin sister WILL, in fact, be able to attend and Teri is over the moon with relief and happiness that her sister will be here to serve as her "Best Gal."  While we had some ideas for understudies, we really didn't want to have to go there.  If truth be told, we actually have back-up plans for everything from the location to the officiant.  Lessons learned by living half a century!

We have changed our mind about a few things too.  We are opting OUT of an immediate honeymoon trip.  We decided that we will likely wait for Fall or even Winter when we will really need and want to get away from the grey Willamette Valley and instead plan to just take it easy and slide back into our late-summer lives here in town.  We might scoot away for a debriefing weekend after everyone leaves but we have given ourselves permission to NOT feel any pressure about that. Whew!  Sigh of relief...

Last night, we started a conversation about our "team."  The time has come to get in touch with all those people who have volunteered to help and match them up with tasks and jobs they really want and like to do.  I told Teri that I'll get the lists and schedules ready (that's where I shine) and we can start to assemble the who, what, whens and wheres.  Another lesson learned from a few decades of event planning is that the caliber of the team is key!

What started out as a loose idea and a collection of ripped-out magazine pages and late-night conversations is starting to take shape.  Yes, there will be bumps and challenges in the next 100 days, but we are allowing ourselves the space to enjoy the process and feel excited and gooey about our collaborative journey.  Of course, we haven't reached the panic stage yet either!

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