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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What Can I do to Help?

We are closing in on the two-months-to-go mark on the calendar and while people are assuming things should be kooky, we are actually in an organized lull.  Amidst all the offers we've been getting from those who want to help, Teri and I are having to say: hang in there, we need you--but not quite yet!

The big, crazy push is going to be in the final week leading up to the celebration.  That is when we will need people to help iron tablecloths and deadhead flowers in the garden; and sort and stack and hang and drape and sweep and mow and peel potatoes.  Whew!  Yes, we need you and we so appreciate all the offers, but are you willing to be on standby until we can give you a task?

In the midst of the offers, I just have to say again that Teri and I feel amazingly blessed.  Between the kids and our friends, we have had quite the team of helpers and supporters throughout the whole process.  I feel a bit like I am letting people down, however, when they ask: "How is the wedding planning going?" and I say that everything is on track.  It hasn't really been hectic or overwhelming (yet) and we just keep clicking along and checking off tasks and items. We've managed to break things up and keep on our timeline.

So when our son, Stuart, stood in the kitchen on Sunday asking what he could do to help; and our friends ask for assignments, we are telling them: Yes!  We'd love your help, but hang in there for a few more weeks.  You will receive the call to activate your service--assignments and details to follow (codeword: Lez Wedding)!

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